Jesus And Me

JAM meets in Lecumpher on Tuesdays at 6.30pm. As leaders our aim is to present God’s message of Salvation to boys and girls of primary school age. We trust that on hearing this word and through the working of the Holy Spirit many would realise their sin and need of Jesus in their hearts.

The Programme

The programme is varied, singing, learning memory verses, craftwork, through visiting speakers learning of missionary work in different countries, bible stories and games.

The children love playing games but this is limited to only two or three nights per session. They listen intently to the stories and are very quick at learning new chorus’ and memory verses. They also learn about prayer and then in small groups along with a leader pray. How exciting to hear the simplicity of a child’s prayer.

Godly Characteristics

Last year the children learned about Godly Characteristics. Once a year a Church service is held where the children themselves lead, pray, read God’s word, sing chorus’ and tell of all that has been learned during the session. They know of missionaries in Brazil, India, Mongolia, Kashmir, Bhutan and Burma.

If you are reading this and have children of primary school age it would great to see them along at the start of the new session, the first Tuesday in October at 6.30pm in Lecumpher Presbyterian Church.