What is it?

Encounter is a youth group for secondary school students. It meets each week during school term time for games, movies, toast (or, when we can afford it, cake) and youth-focused Bible studies. We also go on a weekend away each year when everyone likes to get caught up on some sleep!

The theme for this term (September to December, 2015) is “What does the Bible say about…” and we will explore topics like:

  • abortion
  • music
  • relationships
  • suffering
  • missions

We have arranged for a number of exciting guest speakers to come along to share with us (one from as far away as Slovenia!).

When does it happen?

Every Sunday night after the evening service during school term time. We start around 7.45pm and wrap up at 9.30pm.

Our 2022 Autumn/Winter programme commences on 13 September 2021 and runs until 20 December 2022.

Who can go?

Absolutely anyone… as long as you are 11 to 18 years old, enjoy playing silly games and are prepared to bring cakes every so often for the leaders (we like chocolate ones best).

Where does it take place?

The Junior Suite in the main church complex of Union Rd, Magherafelt (just head into the church foyer after the evening service and follow the noise).


3 reasons really:

  • To have fun. Whether it’s playing silly games, going on an exciting weekend away (usually to an exotic destination in County Down) or flogging buns at the Christmas market, one thing’s for sure… you’ll have a whale of a time doing it.
  • To make friends. Encounter is about making strong friendships with each other. The kind that last. So, when you encounter difficult times, you’ll have a group of friends you can depend on to help.
  • To encounter God. We make no bones about it, our main aim is to explain Christianity to you to help you either start your walk with God or to develop your faith. So, whilst you don’t have to be a Christian to come along, you should be open to learning what it’s all about.

Need More Info?

If you want to find out more, grab one of the leaders and we’ll give you the low-down. We’re a friendly (enough) bunch.